Commercial Upholstery

Businesses across the local area, from Holmes Chapel to Altrincham, trust us to supply and maintain bench seating upholstery, and all types of modular office seating. We can install and repair all the below.

Bench seating upholstery – Refresh the look of your restaurant, café or other public seating area, and call NC Upholstery to make your commercial furniture as good as new.

Bench seating upholstery involves the process of covering a bench with a cushioned material to provide comfortable seating. The upholstery material can vary from leather to fabric, vinyl, or other materials that are durable and easy to clean.

The process involves measuring the bench and cutting the upholstery fabric to fit the bench’s dimensions. The fabric is then stretched and fastened to the bench with staples or glue to create a smooth and snug fit. Additional details such as piping and decorative buttons can also be added to enhance the appearance of the bench seating.

Office seating furniture – Our bespoke upholstery service includes modular office seating in working and reception areas. Any modular seating furniture will be taken care of and get them back to looking like brand new!

These chairs are designed to provide comfortable and ergonomic support for employees as they work. Office seating furniture is usually made of materials like leather, fabric, mesh, or plastic, depending on the style and the intended use.

Modular bench seating – ideal for offices, co-working spaces and waiting areas, we can re-upholster any bench seating area. Modular bench seating is perfect to seat more individuals at work or home, let us know what your idea is and we can make it happen.

Medical beds – We can supply specialist upholstery materials for medical beds and furniture in hospitals, dental practices and other clinical environments.

Wall/Door panels – Our versatile repair service includes fabric wall panels in any and every type of business.